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Load Management is a real-time energy management game where you must try and provide a population with enough electricity to survive. You must constantly adapt and improve your power infrastructure in order to continue to thrive.


  • The only control in this game is your mouse! Use it to drag the camera around the screen, zoom in and out as well as click on things of course.

How To Play

  • Your goal is to provide enough power for the whole population and manage it while it changes over time.
  • Succeed at delivering enough power for 2 weeks to win!
  • Failing to deliver enough power will result in hefty fines which may further hinder your ability to do your job.
  • If you run low on cash, you may not be able to afford the upkeep of your buildings. This means they could end up being demolished and given to the state.
  • Finally, if you run out of land, you will fail!

Extra Credits Holiday Jam 2018

This game was developed for the 2018 Extra Credits holiday game jam. The theme of this game jam was "Present", and the way in which we interpreted that was "the present time" or "real-time", with no option to pause the game and having the energy demands constantly fluctuating as the time of day changes.

Known Bugs / Issues

  • If you have a tile selected while not being able to afford a power station on it, but then earn enough money while still having the tile selected, you will have to click off the tile and then back on in order to buy it.
  • If you loose or win the game, the return to menu buttons do not work.
  • Once all the grassland has been built on, the forest should then begin to be overtaken, however that doesn't happen.


Programmed by William AkinsJames Hopkins with the artwork designed by Alex Akins.

Source Code

The source code in available on Github with the following link:


Install instructions

Download the game zip file, once downloaded extract it using a program such as the Windows extraction tools or 7-zip. Finally double click on Load Management to launch the game.


Load Management 30 MB

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