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i love this game with all my heart.. and as someone whos going thru the same thing.. im thankful that u created this game.. i've suffered from chronic disease for 8 years which lead to depression and anxiety, i've had bad days more than good ones for sure i did 4 surgeries but it's incurable... but this year i'm in college ive been absent for a whole month, i couldn't go.. and i believe it was one of my worst days.. 2 friends been checking up on me i didn't tell them whats wrong and kept on pretending. but my family didn't care or noticed.. so as i had an exam today i put so much pressure to study 2 days ago, but today as i went to college everyone asked and made jokes about how i always skip or its a miracle that i attended today.. as i was taking the exam i couldn't do it and i got out i remember my classmates faces,, confused.. i felt like crying and i gave an empty paper.. i wanted to talk to my doctor about my chronic disease and how i cant attend classes like at all... as i started talking to him.. my voice changed and tears fall out of my eyes.. all these 8 years i never asked for help.. i thought i should just continue living my life like everyone does cuz that what my ignorant  parents/family thinks..  but i got to a point where i can't continue anymore.. i'm still trying to figure out if i made the right decision cuz... i never asked for help.. and will they change how they think about me,, idk but i know that at least i won't put up with the same suffering i had to go thru all past 8 years. 

thank you for this game <3333333 


Wow this made me really emotional, it's a good game tho, great job


this gave me goose-bumps; the good kind of goose-bumps. this was really good, thank you


can't even run the game it keeps crashing... crash handler does nothing.... and no logs saved... fun

I'm better at talking about my problems in this game than irl slkdfj. The eye opening, the amount of input needed of the player to do basic tasks, and the painful essays really immersed me. The fact they where all for school subjects just cemented that we have nowhere else to go with this. Thank you for the ending <3

so cool 1000 gae si want the one you have to downlooad to be free pls

it was i nice game i found it cool when talking to people like answering the door or phone the sentances were floating around on screen making it difficult to choose what to say.! good game :) thanks

I am not completely sure how I go here, but, it was a really enjoyable experience.

I needed this. Thank You <3


This is a really good story. The parents of this person are really nice, just like their friends. I wish I had someone like that. I struggle with the same things yet have no support. I really like the part where you actually need to type through the whole last page to get to pressing the button. Thank you for creating this game, it is amazing and interesting. Especially well made the thoughts of the person...


wow... this was extremely sad, but a good story. It tells you no matter how much you want to get help or how bad your life is, someone is always there for you.