A downloadable game for Windows


The world is filling up with horrible tainted land that rains down from the sky, it's difficult to stop and the animals need saving! It's up to you to do the dirty work but can you do it in time?


  • Left mouse button - Move around & pickup animals
  • Right mouse button - Move around & remove tainted land

How to Play

  • Move around the map, picking up as many animals as you can.
  • As you progress the taint will destroy land, making movement more dangerous and difficult.
  • You can hold back some of the taint with the right mouse button, using your taint removal ability, but you have limited charges and this won't work forever.
  • Continue as long as you can to get a good highscore!


Attack of the Killer Taint! 32 MB
Search for a Star - Documentation 117 kB

Install instructions

Download the game zip file, once downloaded extract it using a program such as the Windows extraction tool or 7-zip. Open the folder and double click on 'Attack of  The Killer Taint.exe' to launch the game.


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Not bad look!